The Termite Guys was founded by Javier Laso Sr. in September of 2019, after working in the termite industry for 15 years and feeling strong about the knowledge he had gained in the process of termite elimination, Javier Sr. decided to go on his own and created The Termite Guys. Through out the years while Javier sr. worked with the other termite company his son Javier jr. worked part time along side his dad. When the opportunity came for Javier Sr. and Jr. to be able to not only grow a business together but have something they could do together as father and son to build a brand we can both feel strongly and confident about. Our company standard is to provide above and beyond customer service and satisfaction you can trust and rely on.

Since 2019, The Termite Guys has grown to two fully operational trucks and now has 4 fully trained and licensed technicians. The Termite Guys is a family owned & operated business and all of our employees are close friends and family of ours, with having a team that we can trust and count on with who ever it is that may come to service your home you can count on a great service every time. We will continue to stand by our standards as we grow and hope to be able to help as many people as we can along the way.