Stop Termites at the Source

Stop Termites at the Source

Enlist an exterminator based in Miami, FL to perform termite spot treatments

When you have a termite issue, you'll need to make sure it's taken care of effectively. That's why you should turn to The Termite Guys. We provide termite spot treatment services to residential and commercial clients in Miami, FL and the surrounding areas.

Our team will find out where the colony is exactly disposing of the excess wood through their kickout hole, then will inject the colony directly and eliminate them. Call 305-964-5880 now for a free estimate on termite control services.

Discover the benefits of termite spot treatments

Termite control doesn't have to be complicated. You can rest assured that our simple treatment options will handle your infestation easily. You'll love that our termite spot treatments...

  • Come with options for one-time services, so you don't have to worry about ongoing maintenance.
  • No product or poison will be airborne or harmful to anyone in the home during spot treatment.
  • Will eliminate the mess of the "droppings" from the termite colonies.

You won't regret going with us as your termite removal team. Schedule thorough termite control services today.